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About CH3

We combine experience, technology, creativity and design to present innovative solutions, creating opportunities and building regional development.

We have a highly qualified team, that increases our productivity and ensures the best results for each project.
We work to meet each client’s requirements, following the principles of sustainability and market trends.

We seek to be a reference to new projects, we look for flexibility, real estate, technology, innovation and sustainability to better meet the demands from our customers.

Providing tailor-made services from project creation to its delivery or focused only on your specific needs, from simple renovations to high complexity construction works.


We build, modify and reform your space in order to improve each environment with the best that exists today in the market, ensuring quality, agility and safety throughout the process, bringing peace and satisfaction to your project.

We bring the trust, experience and well-being to all our customers, partners and employees. Acting responsibly and with commitment, we analyze from the area's potential to the planning and sizing of the project as a whole, checking and monitoring all steps of development, from the executive project to the complementary one.


Is a product to amortize your investment, through leasing, in 60 fixed installments and, at the end of the lease, the customer will own all the improvements and facilities. It has potential to be applied in many sectors, as corporate, commercial, hospital and hotels, including all facilities, furniture and decoration to improve the project. A solution to avoid paying out equity or company capital, and being able to invest in the core business itself, enabling the change of “Capex” into “Opex”. Creating some benefits like:

  • Do not use credit in the balance sheet;
  • Higher investment potential in construction Works and leasehold improvements;
  • Tax benefits;
  • Your money focused on your operation.


We are committed to compound many subjects in order to transform challenges into realities, being a reference of creativity, innovation and design in architecture and construction. Check out our projects and let CH3 get you amazed.


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